Las Vegas Talks Conclude

  • The company submitted a counter proposal to the union that would give employees wage increases, along with a signing bonus.
  • The company proposed increasing its cost contributions for insurance. Co-pay plan contribution split of 70/30 in 2021 and 75/25 in 2022.
  • Unfortunately, the union responded with economic and healthcare counter proposals that did not move the two sides closer to a sustainable deal.
  • The National Mediation Board Mediator continues moving the parties toward a mutual agreement.
  • The company requested extra bargaining dates over the next several months and is working hard to reach a fair agreement for our employees. The company remains hopeful the union does the same.
  • The next mediation sessions are scheduled for March 17-19 in a location to be determined, and March 24-26, in Phoenix. In April, sessions are scheduled for 21-23 and 28-30.