A Message from LSG Sky Chefs About New York’s Healthy Terminals Act and Employee Health Insurance

LSG Sky Chefs recognizes the important role health insurance plays in the lives of our employees and the Company provides an employer-funded healthcare plan in compliance with New York’s Healthy Terminals Act (HTA).

Following a recent audit by the New York Department of Labor, LSG Sky Chefs was informed that all employees must participate in the employer-sponsored program and that the standard benefits supplement rate mandate could not be used to fund other types of coverage. The Company plan is provided at no cost to the employee.


Are there any exceptions?

If the employee is covered under Medicare or a spouse’s plan, they will be able to keep that plan. However, the Company-offered medical plan pays first as primary insurer.

I have had a medical plan outside the company that better suits my financial needs, such as the state plan. Why can’t I keep that plan?

According to the New York Department of Labor, the HTA only allows the standard benefits supplement to be applied to the Company healthcare plan.

The union says you are cutting employee salaries with this change.

That is not correct. The standard benefits supplement rate mandate is not part of an employee’s salary.

The union is critical of the Company healthcare plan.

LSG Sky Chefs continues to offer a competitive comprehensive medical plan to our employees. Every year the Company plan is reviewed to ensure it is the best plan the Company can offer and considers the financial aspect. For example, in 2023 the Company reduced the co-pays and deductibles that employees pay per year.

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